All American Switch Glass products are custom made to order in the USA

Switch Glass

Instant switchable glass for privacy in the home or business. Rear projection and touch screen capable option available.

We pride ourselves on extremely high quality laminated switchglass for privacy glass. This is our claim to fame.

In the last quarter of 2018 we release a new formulation we call Ever Clear which has almost no haze in the off axis view.

American Switch Glass can be combined with architectural wall systems for additional wow factor.

Peel and Cling Privacy Film

 Our film can be applied to existing glass or hung freely.

Specialty Privacy Glass

WE can make insulated units, Low Iron, Low E and bent glass, logo designs and etching,

Interactive Touch & Projection Screens for Public Space and Boardroom

Make and glass display touch screen enabled for an interactive and engaging experience

Ballistic Safety Glass

Bullet Proof impact safety glass from level 3 to level 10 very thin formulation exceeding UL standards.

Fire Rated Privacy Glass

various levels of protection available. 

X RAY Privacy Glass

for radiation exam rooms in hospital and medical facilities.

LED Lighting & Art Glass

Embedded LED Lighting into glass for a truly spectacular look or specialty films laminated into the glass for special effects.